What Are Case Studies And How Do I Conduct Case Study Research?

A case study is a paper written for particular subjects that explores a particular situation. Case studies are a powerful learning tool in a range of disciplines, such as psychology, business, health, law, and many other fields. Writing a case study involves describing the situation (a legal case, illness, or ad campaign) that contains a problem which should be analyzed and solved by the students in the classroom or as a home assignment.

Case Studies are logical and rational. Each case study is formatted in a step-by-step manner that follows a common critical-thinking pattern of examination:

  • Background of the problem
  • The actual problem
  • Analysis of the problem and solution
  • Implementation of the solution
  • Results

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Writing a case study depends on the type of study being conducted. Each case study will either be individual or be a case study research survey where many individuals are interviewed. Case Studies should be written in the past tense with a logical tone. Depending on the nature of the study will determine if a distanced or warm tone is needed.

As the result, a case study is an academic paper, and it should match all characteristics of such. This includes utilizing a logical, inclusive, and thorough thought process. Because of this, case studies in psychology or other fields do not use speculative or guesswork but should document a logical path of thought. Writing a case study should also be inclusive, meaning that observations being made should include any details that might apply, not just the obvious ones.

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