Tips On How To Write A Thesis Proposal

A thesis proposal requires a lot of extensive research. Before you select a topic to work on your thesis, it is good to have a list of topics from which you can choose from. Sometimes you can have a variety of topics that you are not sure which one to pick. You should select a topic that is well known to your faculty of study. In so doing, you will have a lot of resources available for you.

Remember the institution gives you a time frame by which you should have finished the work. You should, therefore, select a topic that you can finish within a given time frame. Go for a topic that will not give you a lot of difficulties. This will give you high chances of succeeding.

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Before you start writing a thesis, ensure that you have the following in mind;

  • The purpose. Every thesis has a purpose. You must have an aim for your study.
  • Funds and resources. This can be a major challenge against the completion of your thesis. Get a budget for your thesis. The budget should be inclusive of every expense including travels. Include extra expenses that you may incur. Having relevant information regarding the study cannot be ignored.
  • Time is precious, and you need to graduate within a given time. The proposal determines the kind of thesis you will have. Apart from research, the quality of thesis is dependent on the proposal.
  • Ensure you plan so that you can complete it within your time and your budget.

Parts Of A Master Thesis Proposal

A thesis should identify a problem. The thesis writer collects and evaluates other people’s writings on the same topic. Ensure you identify the methods you are going to use to collect your information. The basic structure of a proposal includes;

The title page briefly gives a description of the thesis project. Let your title be simple but self-explanatory. The title should give information on the name of the department, the author, the name of the supervisor under which you are conducting the study and the date of submission.

The second part is the abstract part which gives a summary of the proposal. The abstract should give a summary of the problem you want to address and the methods you are going to use in addressing it.

Every important and well-written work has the table of contents. The table of contents is a guide to what is contained in the paper. Ensure that your table of contents has sections for heading and subheadings as well as the page numbers where the information can be found.

The next important part is the introduction part. In this area, you are required to explain the background to your study. Make it very understandable and as interesting as possible. The thesis introduction determines whether a person will continue reading your work or not. Therefore use it to capture the attention of the reader o the other parts of the proposal.

The thesis statement can be in the form of a question or a goal statement. The statement should show why you are conducting that project. Let the statement have boundaries to ensure that you keep focussing on your objectives only. It ensures you do not research what you did not intend from the beginning.

The methodology part is a section that conations the methods you are going to use to collect your information and the procedures. Explain how you are going to collect them. Include the materials or all the equipment you are going to use for your study. Ensure you mention the possible constraints you are going to face while conducting the research. Explain your assumptions during research.

Have a work plan to guide you. Without a work plan, you may find yourself doing what is not required as per your study. In the work plan, ensure you explain the constraints you are likely to face and overcome. Explain in detail how you plan to do your project until you finish. Set the deadline and indicate the time you are going to spend in each stage of your study until you complete.

The implication section is the next section. The project should give us new information that we have not had before. As you write this section, ensure every implication of the project is discussed.

Do you have a bibliography? All papers must acknowledge the works of other writers. Ensure your in-text citation is ok. Ensure other resource materials are well cited.

Process Of Writing A Thesis Proposal

Coming up with a good proposal is not easy. There are so many factors a writer needs to consider before he/she can start writing. The following is a guide to help you come up with a top quality paper;

  • Have an outline of the paper. Have an idea of how you want your paper to look like. Write it down.
  • Ensure you prepare the list of tables and figures and what should feature in them.
  • In the list of figures ensure you have the figure captions.
  • Write down the possible methods you are going to use in your study. Ensure you select the methods that will give you easy time to collect your data. Remember they should be relevant to your study.
  • The data collected must be discussed. Have an idea of how you are going to present your discussion. You should have inference from the data you collect. Know the methods you are going to use to analyze the data.
  • Have a brief introduction. Ensure you have an outline of the things you are going to write in this section.
  • Our abstract summarizes your entire proposal. You should, therefore, have an interesting abstract.
  • Have a list of your reference materials. The materials should feature in the bibliography part.

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